Global warming a figment of our imagination

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Global Warming Case Study

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Our local Contra Costa Times, for instance, ran an opinion piece the. Global Warming: Deniers gain as proof that global warming was a figment of the extremist imagination. the warming period of the last 30 years, global temperatures have increased at the.

In recent years, global warming has been the subject of a great deal of political controversy. As scientific knowledge has grown, this debate is moving away from whether humans are causing warming and toward questions of how best to respond. ~ Global warming is a figment of our imagination.

~ Should the death penalty be repealed? ~ Is the law easier on celebrities? ~ Should parental consent be made mandatory for underage pregnancy abortion? ~ Are school uniforms a good or a bad idea?

~ Recycling should be compulsory.

Global Warming Case Study

Global Warming It is most certainly a figment of our poor little imagination. For every scientist that is being pulled in the direction of global warming being true there is Words; 2 Pages; Global Warming and oil in power plants and factories.

"We don't know for a fact that it is warming. But when one keeps finding the same thing over and over we know it is not just a figment of our imagination." The research is based on data collected during the Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count in .

Global warming a figment of our imagination
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