Systematic literature review table

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Klaus sedlbauer visiting meaning explaing climate?. A systematic literature review is often the first and essential step in the research process. A rigorously conducted literature review will help you to: Determine what is already known about your proposed research topic /question Appraise the quality of the research evidence.

You could devise a simpler one page data extraction form for a more simple literature review.

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Coded data extraction form (fillable form fields that can be computerised for data analysis) See Table 1 of Brown, Upchurch & Acton (). A systematic review addresses a specific question, utilizes explicit and transparent methods to perform a thorough literature search and critical appraisal of individual studies, and draws conclusions about what we currently know and.

Methodological considerations of this review. As with all systematic literature reviews, it is likely that not all relevant articles were found, and the review process itself has a subjective element even with the systematic approach of using checklists.

consultation on questions related to statistical methodology included in the literature.

Systematic literature review (SLR) guidance

Finally, we would like to thank Michael Pignone and Darren Dewalt, who were our collaborators on the original review we performed in ; our discussions and work with them provided a critical foundation for the current review.

the background information and literature for the problem addressed.

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2 What is currently known about the problem, and what is not yet known? systematic review and, if applicable, criteria for inclusion in the meta-analysis). Provide a table summarizing the risk of bias using the format shown in Table .

Systematic literature review table
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