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This is not due to any serious consequences in the production, but rather to the assignment that Nash 's thankfully romantic, intentionally tall story and style assignments much more naturally on-stage. In a theatrical landscape that is drought-stricken with incongruous casting and deficient storytelling, BoHo Theatre’s The Rainmaker is like a cool drink of water after a sojourn in the desert." Read Full Review.

Oct 11,  · Movie Review - Looper onto the scene as a writer/director of the Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring "Brick," rejoins the actor for his latest film and first foray into the sci-fi genre, "Looper." hands up in the air, was when The Omen child showed up.

All of a sudden, this little kid (who we're assuming is the "Rainmaker" - which. Note: The movie review posted on this page reflects a personal opinion of one user.

We are not responsible for its content. Putuparri and the Rainmakers is a stunning story of Aboriginal culture, life and law August 14, am EDT Putuparri Tom Lawford is a man caught between two worlds in Nicole Ma’s nuanced.

best-selling novel by John Grisham, The Rainmaker () starred Matt Damon as a young attorney in Memphis whose idealism clashes with the greed of his ambulance-chasing boss. Although it was only a modest commercial success, The Rainmaker received positive reviews. Coppola then entered into a.

The Rainmaker (1956)

RainMaker Films is a production and film finance company. The company, founded in by industry veterans Clay Pecorin, Russell Geyser, Rachel Winter and Chris Robert, has collaborated with some of the highest grossing actors of all time as well as top talent agencies and studios.

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