Willie daly matchmaking festival

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Ditch Tinder and get to Lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival to find the love of your life

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Matchmaker Willie Daly shares tips on finding romance

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The Festival

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Singles can meet me in my office at The Matchmaker Bar, Lisoonvarna, Ireland.

Yes to love in Ireland

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival is one of Ireland’s oldest festivals, at over years old and takes place over a five week period.

It attracts over 80, people from all over the world who come for the music, the dancing and to meet third generation matchmaker Willie Daly. Willie Daly is an Irish man who, according to a New York Times profile, "thinks he is in his early 70s but does not know precisely because, he says, the priest who kept such records drank a lot.

Meet Eddie & Willie Daly Over years of tradition Lisdoonvarna, the location of the world-famous matchmaking festival, developed into a tourist centre more than a century ago when a top Limerick surgeon discovered the beneficial effects of its mineral waters.

The Matchmaking Festival; The current matchmaker is Willie Daly, a fourth-generation matchmaker.

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See balmettes.com for further. informations about the festival. Burren Smokehouse. The Burren Smokehouse is an Irish family-run producer of Smoked Fish. Craigie, a charmer and a rascal, also contacts Willie. In Marc Jobst 's blend of documentary, drama and improvisation, Willie Daly plays himself and introduces these characters to each other during the actual Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival of County balmettes.comring poems in her ear Craigie sets about wooing his innocent Morag.

Willie daly matchmaking festival
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Lisdoonvarna home to Europe’s biggest matchmaking festival